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  • Supplying bi-metal and thermal sensor products for embedded equipment protection.
  • Manufacturer of NTC thermistors and inrush current limiters. Includes summary page of the organisation's US and International distributors.
  • Manufacturer of thermal management devices including heatsinks and heat pipes.
  • Specialty manufacturer of heating elements and electrical assemblies.
  • Manufacturer of precise cold forged parts used as high performance heatsinks. Online catalog and shopping offering: pin fin, elliptical fins, high aspect ratio and thin
  • Manufacturer of thermal management products for cooling power semiconductors. Including thermal compounds, heatsink grease, insulators, extrusions, bonded fin heatsinks
  • Manufacturer of heaters, heating tapes, heating hoses, temperature regulators, heating mantles, tube furnaces.
  • Supplier to North American market of capillary bulb thermostats. Applications include water heaters, boilers, refrigeration, commercial cooking, medical and industrial
  • Manufacturer of Thermofoil flexible heaters, circuits, sensors and instruments for critical applications.
  • Taiwan manufacturer and supplier of thermocouples, temperature probes, digital thermometers, power phase controllers, cartridge heaters and infrared ceramic heaters.
  • Develops thermal management technology for the electronics, semiconductor, and computer industry, including heat sinks, heat pipes, Peltier coolers, and thermal
  • Suppliers of wireless, light activated, hotel and motel thermostats, combination devices and humidstat.
  • Manufacturer of solid state power and temperature controls for industrial electric heaters.
  • Manufacturer of phase change thermal interface products.
  • Supplier of thermal management solutions for computers, communications equipment, military/aerospace, medical/test equipment, power electronics, and advanced technology
  • Manufacturer of thermistors, probes and assemblies for temperature measurement, control, and compensation applications.
  • Manufacturers of electric heat and ventilation equipment.
  • Engineering services and product development for thermal management and electronics cooling: includes product information; online Questions and Answers; and sales
  • Manufactures quartz heating elements for any application.
  • Portable air conditioning spot coolers. Products are perfect for cooling computer server rooms. Available as rentals or for purchase.
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  • India, Cleaning Fan & Impeller, Pumping Heating and filtering units delhi, Low Air Pressure Burners...-Axial Blowers Twin Lobe Blowers Burners Pumping and
  • Services, Drugs, Electronics, Energy, Financial Services, Food and Beverage, Health Services, Insurance...Manufacturers - Major Electronics (1277)
  • Transmitter output meters Test equipment for the electrical and electronics industries Mechanical measuring...temperature Thermostats, air
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  • sheet. c) Heating & cooling in both chambers and chambers made of anodized alumiPSAWm. d) Heating...cooling, heating and
  • responds to your heating and cooling needs with equipment engineered to provide highly accurate control for...a full range of liquid, water and air
  • -02-23171717 Address: tabeen, helwan, cairo, Egypt Heating Ventilation & Air Condit Optima 5a8 We are a big experienced...manufacturer of the cooling
  • electrical impact of large starting current can be severe enough to cause: Large voltage dips and damage to...maximum demand. These unwanted Mechanical &
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